Supporting the Community

As a marketing agency, we want to be a force for good, helping our clients to grow whilst supporting charities and local community projects along the way. We also participate in national events such as Mental Health Awareness week and Remembrance Day.

Please see below some of the ways the Adept team has been supporting our communities.

Donations to NHS Charities Together

£ Donated to NHS Charities Together

COVID-19 Support Initiative

During the height of the pandemic, our COVID-19 Support Initiative saw the Adept Team, our customers and stakeholders donate to NHS Charities Together and in doing so, support the urgent COVID-19 appeal. 

We are incredibly thankful for everyone who donated which meant we could contribute to the NHS and support those in our communities who needed it the most. 

Tidying up St Johns, Worcester 

Working with the local council and members of the University of Worcester, Jon our Managing Director put on the trendy jacket and gloves and joined a team eager to tidy up the St. Johns area, helping to keep the streets and community a pleasant place for residents to live.