Customer Brief

Taur Security is a security provider based in London which offers a range of security solutions for commercial and residential customers across the UK. 

To help support the growth of Taur Security and to free up time for the management team and office staff, Adept Marketing was tasked with managing Taur Security’s marketing communications on a monthly basis and in doing so, help increase their brand awareness, communicate the value of the brand and engage regularly with company stakeholders.

What we did 

Having conducted market research and holding a strategy meeting with the company directors, we created a marketing strategy for how we believed Taur Security could efficiently and cost-effectively grow and achieve it’s aims.

The strategy included creating a core message of being a ‘professional and personable’ security provider which would be at the heart of all communications. Appropriate channels where identified to communicate and deliver the message to the target audience which included email newsletters and social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, to promote Taur Security’s expert industry knowledge and to support search engine optimisation, we have written and published a series of monthly, content-rich blog posts which are promoted through the companies website. 

Please see below a recent social media post on the left, an email newsletter in the center and short video on the right promoting the brand for you to enjoy!