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Marketing communications. Communicate professionally and build credibility

Communicating and engaging with customers, staff and stakeholders is an important part of an organisations activities. However, knowing what to say along with planning and publishing content can be time consuming.

This is where we can help. We provide marketing communication services to small and medium-sized organisations that help you to communicate professionally with your stakeholders whilst building credibility and trust in your industry.

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Benefits of marketing communications

  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Show credibility and professionalism
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Build brand loyalty
marketing communications
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Our marketing communications service

Following an initial consultation to understand your business and marketing goals, we will create a marketing communications campaign plan that will help us to communicate your desired message to your target audiences. 

We will identify the most effective channels to communicate through, for example company website, social media accounts, email newsletters etc. and plan and produce professional and engaging content that will help build credibility and trust for your organisation. 

By working together, you will be benefiting from our industry skills and be saving valuable time which can be spent on other areas of the business.

  • Website content
  • Social media organic posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Industry magazine publications.

What is our SEO process?

Here at Adept Marketing, we have a simple four step process which takes you from where you are today to communicating effectively with your stakeholders.

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Contact us to arrange a consultation

Firstly, we will get to understand your business, marketing objectives and answer any questions you may have.

Research and campaign strategy plan

Following our meeting, we will create a marketing communications campaign plan that will help deliver the intended message.

Marketing comms implementation

We will then get to work, planning and publishing content across the selected marketing channels.

Monitoring and reporting

We will monitor stakeholder engagement and look to develop the core message and reach of the campaign.

Client testimonials

“Absolutely delighted with my new website. Looks exactly how I wanted it! Would recommend Adept Marketing to anyone needing a new website or improvements”.

JCML Collections Ltd

Website Design

“I’m very happy with the results that we are seeing. Also, your hard work has led to a new customer for me!”.

LH Consulting
SEO Services

“Thank you for your help so far. Huge improvement already!”.

Midland Security & Surveillance
Website Development & SEO

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of marketing communications?

Marketing communications is a fundamental activity of any organisation and can prove key to its success. When looking for a product or service, often the potential buyer will go to the organisations website or social media channels, and if those platforms give a good impression of the organisation, the potential buyer is increasingly likely to become a customer. 

Through marketing communications, you can gain a competitive advantage on competitors by communicating your knowledge, showing credibility and professionalism in the industry you work in. 

By outsourcing your marketing communications to Adept, we can ensure that your business is marketed professionally and efficiently. 

We take away the time, stress and hassle that often comes with marketing and you can benefit from our marketing expertise. We provide a cost-effective way to professionally market your business with out the need of employing a full-time marketeer. 

What marketing communication channels are available to me?

We can manage in whole or in part your organisations marketing activities which can include latest news updates, blog post writing, social media organic posts, press release writing and more.

What if I want to outsource only part of my marketing activities?

We can manage as much or a little as you would like us to. Our marketing communications services are bespoke to each organisation and can be tailored to meet your specific needs, requirements, goals and budget.

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